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Archaeologist in the making. All that's missing is the PhD and a cool hat and bull whip.

Things you'll find here: Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games, The Office, Bones, New Girl, occasionally nature or food porn and the random ramblings of my mind. And more random things that I just happen to find hilarious.

Oh yeah, I ship Lily and James Potter as if my life depends on it. So yeah, when life hands you Limes you honor them and love them because life is too short to ignore a love like theirs.

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Soooo, I made a new blog, which is why I haven’t been here in ages. If you need or want me, I’ll be there so you can ask me for the link because I’d rather not just publish it. Love you all <3

thank you all <3 i really love you guys

I know I haven’t been around at all really in the past few weeks and there are a lot of reasons behind that. But I’ve had a horrible day and just found out that my grandma is in the hospital and is really not in good shape. So really, if you believe in God or any higher power whether it be the flying spaghetti monster or just good spiritual cosmic vibes or something, I’d really appreciate it.


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so I kind of took a much needed hiatus from all things tumblr and skype and internet shit in the past week and it’s kind of been the best thing ive done for myself in a very long time.

I don’t have any idea how much I’ll still be using this account from here on out, but I’ll check messages if you need to reach me. And I’m still floating around here and there, and might even be able to start RP-ing again tonight if I don’t fall asleep in the next half hour.

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dear cspan, please stop showing colorado and minnesota and states that are not maryland. i just want to see my dad on tv, his Facebook posts all day long have been awesome and adorable. k thanks

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pissed beyond belief right now. right. okay. awesome. fuck that. 

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